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July 23, 2011



I'm glad Max is ok. My son once ate an entire tube of toothpaste. Recently we went to a nature museum and there was an exhibit of how household cleaners affect the environment. I came home and switched to vinegar, backing soda and water. There's almost nothing it won't clean!

emily (justem)

Shh...I'll tell you something I didn't tell ANYONE else. (Hopefully none of them come here via blog hopping and see)...but about 2-3 weeks ago I had to call poison control because miri got out her stool and got my thyroid pills from the BACK of the counter. Apparently I'd not gotten the cap screwed on properly...she came to me with a mouth of blue goo. I totally freaked. She was totally fine...and the guy on the phone was awesome to me as I was crying, thinking I was the worst mother ever. So...it happens to everyone. I do applaud your decision to get rid of all that cleaner. We've been using non-toxic cleaners (and things like vinegar) since Miri was born. I am SO much more comfortable with them. :)


Blog hopping here and just waiting my turn for the poison control call. I have had to make the "my 6 year daughter just shoved a pea up her nose and we can't get it out" call, so I've taken a turn there.
If you find you can't get something with the baking soda/vinegar combo, add some lemon juice. I'm a villian on my cast iron tub with the soda/lemon juice combo. Sparkles every time!!!
Glad to hear everyone is well ;)

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