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November 12, 2010



I truly, truly admire you. You know what you want in life, and have gone on to achieve your dreams. And there is a man, who is waiting just for you, to help you continue to achieve those dreams. Without compromise. And I can't wait to read all about him when you meet!

emily (justem)

I have to say...at least he is honest about not wanting more kids now. Rather that then be all wishy-washy about it and then break your heart with the news later on. And I agree w/the poster above me...some day you will find him...and it will be wonderful. :)

Don Day

M - Life is all about compromises. You have been truly blessed with your life. We all have our ups and downs. No one ever bats 1000.
Love you.


Just wanted to send you some sunshine today! You know, my sister had a shirt for her dog that said, "My Mom is Single" - and she would take the dog out to the park all the time. Definitely a fun conversation starter. :)

I like clean slates. Best wishes to you and the thrill of dating.


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